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Recycling Depots

    World Geodetic System dated from 1984 (WGS84 datum)
    The recycling depot dataset includes the location names.
    The recycling depot data is updated as required.

    Police Offices

      The City of Fredericton Police Office attributes include address, phone number and hours of operation.
      The police office dataset is updated as required.


        Park name and associated Ward number
        The City of Fredericton parks data is a polygon dataset.


          The City of Fredericton contour dataset is a 3D file containing z values and feature codes identifying regular contours (LFCO) versus index contours (LFCI).

          Water Consumption

            City of Fredericton water consumption from 2013 - 2016 by pressure zone. Individual year datasets as well as mapping file of the pressure zones in Esri Shape format.